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What I’m about July 18, 2009

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I need a focus here in my little blogger world, but I am way too ADHD to pick one subject or even stay on a few so this is very preliminary…

Cooking – not gourmet- but my quest to get my kids to eat veggies beyond canned green beans and raw baby carrots with ranch dressing and my husband to embrace accept healthy foods without gagging sounds. Sometimes it will just be yummy stuff with no redeeming healthy qualities.

Sewing – I want to start making all kinds of things – Now that Thomas is a little older I can get out mt machine!

Quilting – I really want to learn to quilt but I don’t really like traditional styles so it should be fun!

Knitting and crochet – projects I make, or just dream of making, especially since I am the world’s slowest knitter and crocheter.

Exploring the idea of homeschooling – People think I’m crazy, and secular programs are harder to find, but it might be for us! (Maybe?)

Photography – I want to take stunning, gorgeous, beautiful pictures of my life that make people stop and gasp in rapturous adoration of my skills – forget that I own a point and shoot digital and I have little hope of getting anything else in the near future and Photoshop is far too pricey as well.  In order to accomodate this reality, I will explore what regular people can do to take better pics with regular cameras and basic software.

My desire to own chickens – I want them. I live in a townhouse apartment in the suburbs. Enough said. So this will be in conjunction with our thoughts about moving to the country.

Random thoughts – all the stuff I just have to get off my chest and share with the world.


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