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Christmas in July – Secret Sweatshop Crafters July 26, 2009

So I have decided to begin my Christmas crafting now. Last year I attempted to do a Thrifty Under Fifty challenge where we attempted to make as many gifts as possible in a few weeks and for under $50 total and though I finished a few gifts (some seen below), and spent nowhere near the allotted amount,

MollySue'sThrifty Under Fifty Projects 006

MollySue'sThrifty Under Fifty Projects 003

1 of 2 aprons for girls

trying to work AND sew was a daunting challenge given that I was pregnant and sleep was a requirement for my (and my family’s) survival. So this year I am going to start early and hopefully finish more than I leave on the table. I am NOT a super crafter – I am slow and a bit to – ok – MUCH to critical – of my own work.
When I did the challenge there were women who would post (with photos!!!) about the 6 handmade dolls with wardrobes they fashioned in a day all while keeping house, nursing a baby, making adorable clothing for their children, homeschooling, feeding their family delicious home-cooked meals, baking 5 dozen cookies to give to friends in the neighborhood and gone to Michaels to get the supplies for the next days projects. I looked at their posts and thought

“Who the $#*@ are these women???? How is it possible to accomplish all of that in a day unless you have a secret sweatshop set up in your basement???”

As I peruse the web to find gift and decorating ideas I keep thinking that same thing. So many of these crafty bloggers are working, blogging, cooking, photographing, creating original crafts with detailed patterns and tutorials at a speed I cannot comprehend.
If you are reading this – I hope I can accomplish a few crafts here and there – I will be lucky to complete one doll with a wardrobe by December- and my family will probably resort to a lot of fast food while I am busy sewing. This is reality. I don’t have a sweatshop in the basement. I probably won’t blog every day. I hope some of the stuff I make turns out well and people like it.


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