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I Shouldn’t … (fill in the blank) November 19, 2009

This week I have realized a few things I just shouldn’t do-

1) I shouldn’t fry stuff.  Not only is it incredibly unhealthy (justifying myself here!) but it just doesn’t work for me and since I have such a small kitchen and it’s smack-dab in the center of our small house, the whole house still smells like country fried steak this morning and morning-after country fried steak smell is NOT pleasant. I prefer bread baking or apple pie or coffee. Just say no to frying.

2) I shouldn’t peruse the web for crafty gift ideas.  I get so many ideas but finding the time and energy to complete them is impossible partially because I am spending so much time looking at all the new ideas!  Time for a time-out from the web.

3) I shouldn’t promise knitting projects by a certain day.  Inevitably I will frantically be making a futile last-ditch effort to complete the project and it still won’t happen. From now on, I will not promise any project that is not already complete.

So I am off to eliminate the smell, stay away from the internet and frantically knit  “Bella’s Fingerless Mitts” #2 for my DD by tonight.


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