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Update – How my goals are progressing January 20, 2010

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It has been one step forward, two steps back.

The whole Flylady thing doesn’t seem to really work for me with 3 little ones running around (get up, get yourself dressed to the shoes and do 1 hour of housework – HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I have priorities, like diaper changes that just get in the way of all that and we don’t wear shoes in the house), but the idea of a schedule for cleaning and errands and all is a good one and hopefully I will come up with a schedule that can work for us.

Eating Healthy – we are still having takeout/fast food more than I would like.  My goal is to get to 1x per week. Hubby is the worst about sabotaging this one so I really need to get him on board. I have been pretty good about the meals I have made and I am getting more fruits and veggies into the kids. Hubby is on his own.

Crafty Sewist–  I had hoped to make Lilia some things for her b-day last week but I spent a solid week sick and didn’t get much done. She was happy anyway and I am getting right back into it. I did do 2 squares of her quilt and I’ll work on more later. I have always been intimidated by quilting but I had so much fun and I love my vintage fabrics quilt squares!  I was inspired to join the I-Spy swap to keep me quilting and have some encouragement to finish!


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