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Cutting Lots and Lots and LOTS of little bitty squares makes me crazy! January 25, 2010

Filed under: Deep Water Quilting Bee,Sew - A Needle Pulling Thread! — Posymosey @ 2:00 pm

I am going to finish this swap cutting, really I am. I am just going to curse my fabric choices royally along the way. I had to fussy cut 2 of the fabrics and it took FOREVER!!! (and I snapped at my little sweeties more than once for trying to “help”). It doesn’t help that I am very new to all this quilting business so I had no idea what I was really doing so messed up more than a couple of nearly finished squares. I actually had 2 others that I belatedly realized were going to require fussy cutting also, so they were relegated to the ever-growing pile of “cute fabrics without a particular purpose” and I am heading to the fabric store to find a couple of non-stressful smallish all over prints. Not that I mind HAVING to go fabric shopping… I will have the collection out in the mail tomorrow – I PROMISE!!!


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