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I’m Back and Motivated February 24, 2010

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here are some of the things I’ve been making-

We finally bought a new desktop to replace our aging laptop.  (yes, I know most people go the other direction, but this is what worked best for us!) Hopefully it will improve my ability to get online and stay on! Yea!!!

We also bought a beautiful computer desk that is full of storage and has made all the difference in our Living room/computer area. It is actually starting to look like a room someone could visit and not an embarrassing and  hideous hodgepodge of mismatched junk. I am going to finish this room and keep going.  the improvement has really motivated me to get our house to be more of a “home” even if it is a (hopefully) temporary rental. It struck me as really sad that I am now past 40, but my house has no sense of style or continuity. That has to change. I may not want to grow up myself,  but I do want a lovely grown-up style home!

I am going to be sewing. LOTS of sewing. Soon I will be getting my I-Spy fabrics and making a quilt. I have a bunch of darling fabrics to make clothes for the little girls. I also hope to get some home decorating projects completed

Here are some of the things I have planned for the near future-

Market Skirt

The Can-Can Skirt (this is planned for Easter and I have to order the fabric so I better get my keister in gear!)

Ruffled Pillows -As in- the Snow Ruffled Pillow but maybe not white!

Family Rules Canvas – I love the idea, but I want to do something more modern. I’m thinking subway sign style… Or maybe just a simple color scheme.

and for my sad little 3″ mistake squares – Several I-Spy place mats with chalkboard fabric backs.

Plus a bunch of painting- walls, furniture, lamps – pretty much anything not able to get up and walk away will be fair game!

Whew, I’m tired already… I need a Coke!


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