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About November 20, 2008

  1. I am a stay-at-home mom of 5, well 4 really,  since 1 is out on her own, but she still needs mama. I have 4 beautiful girls and 1 amazing boy.
  2. A reluctant homemaker – kicking and screaming reluctant.
  3. An adventurous cook in a house of mac-n-cheese lovers and veggie haters.
  4. A craft-o-holic with ADD-like  issues that cause my unfinished projects list to soar (and hinder my ability to defeat #2)
  5. An aspiring amateur decorator – I’m looking to make my house a little organized and a lot comfy, cozy, creative, inspiring and inviting. But with a budget of less than nothing that will be a tricky one.
  6. A police officer’s wife. My husband is my best friend and my soft place to fall. I met and married him in less than a month. It was the craziest and best thing I have ever done!

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