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Why I Am a Blogging Failure March 20, 2010

I really would love to have a sweet blog and a few readers. I have ideas, really I do! But I never seem to be able to create time to blog on a regular basis. Why? You may ask, well, here is what I have come up with-

My excuses why I am a failure at blogging-

1. I do not wear a camera around my neck 24 hours a day, nor do I have an area of my home set aside for perfectly lit photos. Apparently lots of beautiful photos of every moment of my blissfully creative and beautiful days is a prerequisite for blogging.  (Ok, there is so much contrary to my life in that last sentence it is laughable)

2. I have active inquisitive children who have a passion for pushing the envelope and on frequent occasion, ripping the darn thing to shreds whenever the occasion (ie: mom’s not watching!) presents itself.

3. I am not perfect. I am incredibly imperfect, and not in a quirky bohemian way that makes people smile, but in a my kids watch too much tv, eat too much fast food, talk loudly in church and I end up yelling more than I should and my house is a cluttered mess of toys, dirty dishes, scattered shoes and laundry begging to be put away kind of way. (yes, clean and folded clothes, you are my nemesis…) Mrs. Cleaver I am not.

4. I do not crank out gorgeous handmaid items with blinding speed and astonishing creativity.  I look a lot, too much in fact.  I start a few. I finish even fewer. I forget to take photos along the way. Add that to I am slow and a perfectionist. = Not a lot to show.

5. I am tired – a lot. My 1 year old does not sleep through the night. My 3year old’s nap does not coincide with her baby brother’s naps. My 5 year old is vehemently opposed to napping. My husband works crazy hours.  I have a teenager who thinks 10pm is tragically early to go to bed.

So, that’s about the size of it. I’m sure I will think up more excuses. Maybe someday I will actually have a blog people will read, but most likely not. I have kids making model magic worms in the other room and for some reason that scares me… Gotta go.


A Better Me? January 4, 2010

Filed under: Goals,Hi everyone! — Posymosey @ 8:06 pm

So my goal is to become a better person. That is pretty broad. I don’t expect grand things, just little changes that will make me better for me and in turn, for my family and friends.  This is where I will post my attempts and document my successes and failures. Of course I have a plan – sort of.  There are a few things I really want to do. I want to sew and craft more .  I want to go back to school in order to be able to get a fulfilling job to help out our family finances.  I want to be a more engaged mom.  I want to live healthier – eat healthier- feel healthier. I want decorate our rental as if it is our home- live for now, not just for what we hope to have in the future.  I want to be a better homemaker – I don’t want to panic if someone shows up unannounced. I want to actually have friends over on a regular basis.

The Homemaker part- I am going to give the Flylady system a try. I have done this with some success in the past but I need to redo it for my current reality. I like many of her basic concepts, but it seems very focused on selling products now and is way too into kitchy phrases that tend to annoy me and give my older kids nonstop teasing ammo. Nontheless, it worked once and if I can weed out all the extraneous stuff hopefully it will work for me again. If not, hopefully I will discover something else.

The Healthier part- I am going to be trying out healthier eating for my entire family and more earth-friendly living without going overboard. I have a limited budget so what I try must also be frugal. Luckily for me Re-purposing is very earth-friendly AND very frugal AND fun and crafty at the same time. I want to rediscover my Love of Cooking. It is possible to cook creative delicious food that does not require breaking your family food budget.  I am determined to prove this and take some fun trips to the farmer’s markets, spice shops and ethnic food stores in the process.

The Crafty Sewist part- I am planning on sewing and crafting up a storm this year.  I want to make or remake many of my daughter’s clothes. I want to decorate my house so it feels like home and not so temporary. I have set a goal to learn to quilt and complete at least one quilt this year. I want to do more projects with my kids as well so tat they continue to love and appreciate handmade items.