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A Family Adventure August 10, 2010

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So I am forcing – I mean, encouraging- my family on a new and exciting path of downsizing our lives and living more simply.  My hubby does not really know this. He will be my biggest hold out. He thinks that living simply means we don’t get all the premium channels on cable. I hopefully can get him on board before long.

I do not intend to go crazy with this.  I will not get rid of the car. I will not suddenly become a vegetarian. I will not pare down my life to 100 items or some other unrealistic, crazy goal. I admire people who can do it, but I have 4 children still living at home and a husband who will all need time to adjust. I am going to try to do this in a way that a normal suburban family can live with.

I just want us to get by with less. Love what we have. Be conscious of our purchases and our spending. Appreciate our home and make it a place we love to spend time in. Spend time outside. Exercise daily. Spend less time working and more time playing, but not have the house fall apart while we are at it. Have time to do the things we think about doing, but never get around to.

Today I am going to start by getting rid of some of my own stuff and helping the kids look at their things in a new way and get rid of the things we don’t  use and love.


Meal Plan March 21, 2010

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I am really wanting to get an effective meal plan going. I want my family to eat less prepared foods and eat out less. My goal right now is to get 5 servings of fruit and veggies into me and the kids every day and once a week to try something new. I am going to post my meals for the week and then a wrap up of how it went.

Meal plan for March 22- March 28th 2010


Breakfast – Cereal and fruit, coffee for me chocolate milk for the girls

Snack 1- Cheese sticks, water

Lunch- Sandwiches, carrot sticks, apple slices, juice or water

Snack 2 – graham crackers with nutella, milk

Dinner- Peanut Sesame Noodles* with salad, water


Breakfast- cereal and fruit, chocolate milk or coffee

Snack1- celery with cream cheese

Lunch- Soup and crackers with grapes,milk,  juice or water

Snack2- orange slices

Dinner- Parmesan Tilapia, garlic potatoes, salad,  juice or water


Breakfast- Waffles with bananas, chocolate milk or coffee

Snack1- fruit smoothie

Lunch- Macaroni and cheese, apples, milk

Snack2- baby carrots with dip, water

Dinner- Chicken with rice and green beans, salad, water or juice


Breakfast- cereal and fruit – usual drinks

snack1 – graham crackers with nutella, milk

Lunch- Soup and grilled cheese, water or juice

snack2 – carrot sticks and dip (light ranch), water

Dinner- Leftovers


Breakfast – mini bagels with cream cheese, banana – usual drinks

snack1- jello jigglers

lunch- sandwiches, apple slices, veggie and dip, milk

snack2 – cheese sticks, water

Dinner- Mom and Dad’s


Breakfast- Huevos rancheros , juice – usual drinks also

Snack1 – graham crackers with nutella, milk

Lunch- Sandwiches, celery, apple slices, water

Snack2-  carrot sticks and dip, water

Dinner- Pork chops, cheesy broccoli rice, applesauce


Breakfast-cereal and fruit, usual drinks

Snack1- cheese and crackers, juice

Lunch – Pizza quesadillas, fruit, water

Snack2 – Celery sticks with peanut butter, milk

Dinner- Fried Rice

This is just a guide since meals may be swapped if we are going out somewhere, but I hope we can do it and the kids will get used to the routine of a planned snack and not just raid the fridge/pantry when they get hungry!


Under the Weather January 23, 2010

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So while the weather here is awful and dreary most of my family, myself included, has come down with a terrible head cold. I am being buried in an avalanche of used tissues. (YUCK!!!) The worst is my little who can’t breathe and has trouble sleeping, poor little guy! He hates that little nose sucker and the saline drops.  Hopefully we will all start feeling better soon! I am going to the fabric store no matter what today, even if it means going with 3 kids in tow!!


Update – How my goals are progressing January 20, 2010

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It has been one step forward, two steps back.

The whole Flylady thing doesn’t seem to really work for me with 3 little ones running around (get up, get yourself dressed to the shoes and do 1 hour of housework – HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I have priorities, like diaper changes that just get in the way of all that and we don’t wear shoes in the house), but the idea of a schedule for cleaning and errands and all is a good one and hopefully I will come up with a schedule that can work for us.

Eating Healthy – we are still having takeout/fast food more than I would like.  My goal is to get to 1x per week. Hubby is the worst about sabotaging this one so I really need to get him on board. I have been pretty good about the meals I have made and I am getting more fruits and veggies into the kids. Hubby is on his own.

Crafty Sewist–  I had hoped to make Lilia some things for her b-day last week but I spent a solid week sick and didn’t get much done. She was happy anyway and I am getting right back into it. I did do 2 squares of her quilt and I’ll work on more later. I have always been intimidated by quilting but I had so much fun and I love my vintage fabrics quilt squares!  I was inspired to join the I-Spy swap to keep me quilting and have some encouragement to finish!


I Shouldn’t … (fill in the blank) November 19, 2009

This week I have realized a few things I just shouldn’t do-

1) I shouldn’t fry stuff.  Not only is it incredibly unhealthy (justifying myself here!) but it just doesn’t work for me and since I have such a small kitchen and it’s smack-dab in the center of our small house, the whole house still smells like country fried steak this morning and morning-after country fried steak smell is NOT pleasant. I prefer bread baking or apple pie or coffee. Just say no to frying.

2) I shouldn’t peruse the web for crafty gift ideas.  I get so many ideas but finding the time and energy to complete them is impossible partially because I am spending so much time looking at all the new ideas!  Time for a time-out from the web.

3) I shouldn’t promise knitting projects by a certain day.  Inevitably I will frantically be making a futile last-ditch effort to complete the project and it still won’t happen. From now on, I will not promise any project that is not already complete.

So I am off to eliminate the smell, stay away from the internet and frantically knit  “Bella’s Fingerless Mitts” #2 for my DD by tonight.


What I’m about July 18, 2009

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I need a focus here in my little blogger world, but I am way too ADHD to pick one subject or even stay on a few so this is very preliminary…

Cooking – not gourmet- but my quest to get my kids to eat veggies beyond canned green beans and raw baby carrots with ranch dressing and my husband to embrace accept healthy foods without gagging sounds. Sometimes it will just be yummy stuff with no redeeming healthy qualities.

Sewing – I want to start making all kinds of things – Now that Thomas is a little older I can get out mt machine!

Quilting – I really want to learn to quilt but I don’t really like traditional styles so it should be fun!

Knitting and crochet – projects I make, or just dream of making, especially since I am the world’s slowest knitter and crocheter.

Exploring the idea of homeschooling – People think I’m crazy, and secular programs are harder to find, but it might be for us! (Maybe?)

Photography – I want to take stunning, gorgeous, beautiful pictures of my life that make people stop and gasp in rapturous adoration of my skills – forget that I own a point and shoot digital and I have little hope of getting anything else in the near future and Photoshop is far too pricey as well.  In order to accomodate this reality, I will explore what regular people can do to take better pics with regular cameras and basic software.

My desire to own chickens – I want them. I live in a townhouse apartment in the suburbs. Enough said. So this will be in conjunction with our thoughts about moving to the country.

Random thoughts – all the stuff I just have to get off my chest and share with the world.


So this is my life… June 7, 2009

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I am going to give this blogging thing a try. (Again!)

I am a stay-at-home mom of 5 crazy kids . The inmates ruling this asylum range in age from 22 years (ok, she’s actually on her own but she still needs mom)  to 11 weeks.

My husband Jeff is a Police Officer in a nice safe suburban city. He was an MP in the Army before that, so this police business is a nice safe alternative to him being whisked off for a year or more at a time to not so safe places. Plus he comes home every day!!!

I love to cook. I want to sew. I sometimes knit. I imagine I could be a decorator.

I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.

Let’s get on with it!