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Update – How my goals are progressing January 20, 2010

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It has been one step forward, two steps back.

The whole Flylady thing doesn’t seem to really work for me with 3 little ones running around (get up, get yourself dressed to the shoes and do 1 hour of housework – HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I have priorities, like diaper changes that just get in the way of all that and we don’t wear shoes in the house), but the idea of a schedule for cleaning and errands and all is a good one and hopefully I will come up with a schedule that can work for us.

Eating Healthy – we are still having takeout/fast food more than I would like.  My goal is to get to 1x per week. Hubby is the worst about sabotaging this one so I really need to get him on board. I have been pretty good about the meals I have made and I am getting more fruits and veggies into the kids. Hubby is on his own.

Crafty Sewist–  I had hoped to make Lilia some things for her b-day last week but I spent a solid week sick and didn’t get much done. She was happy anyway and I am getting right back into it. I did do 2 squares of her quilt and I’ll work on more later. I have always been intimidated by quilting but I had so much fun and I love my vintage fabrics quilt squares!  I was inspired to join the I-Spy swap to keep me quilting and have some encouragement to finish!


My first ever Swap!!

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I am so excited! I impulsively joined my first ever swap last night! It’s the “Let’s Play… I Spy Swap” being held by Wendy over at hARTylittlepeaces and I am beside myself with excitement for this! I am a little intimidated by the prospect of cutting 200 4″ squares. I will certainly get lots of practice with my rotary cutter! I have a few fabrics in my stash but I am really looking forward to scouring the fabric store for some interesting designs. Hopefully I will get to go this afternoon (*crossing fingers!*).

Of course, in my blogging newbieness, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the button in my sidebar, but I am working on it.


A Better Me? January 4, 2010

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So my goal is to become a better person. That is pretty broad. I don’t expect grand things, just little changes that will make me better for me and in turn, for my family and friends.  This is where I will post my attempts and document my successes and failures. Of course I have a plan – sort of.  There are a few things I really want to do. I want to sew and craft more .  I want to go back to school in order to be able to get a fulfilling job to help out our family finances.  I want to be a more engaged mom.  I want to live healthier – eat healthier- feel healthier. I want decorate our rental as if it is our home- live for now, not just for what we hope to have in the future.  I want to be a better homemaker – I don’t want to panic if someone shows up unannounced. I want to actually have friends over on a regular basis.

The Homemaker part- I am going to give the Flylady system a try. I have done this with some success in the past but I need to redo it for my current reality. I like many of her basic concepts, but it seems very focused on selling products now and is way too into kitchy phrases that tend to annoy me and give my older kids nonstop teasing ammo. Nontheless, it worked once and if I can weed out all the extraneous stuff hopefully it will work for me again. If not, hopefully I will discover something else.

The Healthier part- I am going to be trying out healthier eating for my entire family and more earth-friendly living without going overboard. I have a limited budget so what I try must also be frugal. Luckily for me Re-purposing is very earth-friendly AND very frugal AND fun and crafty at the same time. I want to rediscover my Love of Cooking. It is possible to cook creative delicious food that does not require breaking your family food budget.  I am determined to prove this and take some fun trips to the farmer’s markets, spice shops and ethnic food stores in the process.

The Crafty Sewist part- I am planning on sewing and crafting up a storm this year.  I want to make or remake many of my daughter’s clothes. I want to decorate my house so it feels like home and not so temporary. I have set a goal to learn to quilt and complete at least one quilt this year. I want to do more projects with my kids as well so tat they continue to love and appreciate handmade items.


I Shouldn’t … (fill in the blank) November 19, 2009

This week I have realized a few things I just shouldn’t do-

1) I shouldn’t fry stuff.  Not only is it incredibly unhealthy (justifying myself here!) but it just doesn’t work for me and since I have such a small kitchen and it’s smack-dab in the center of our small house, the whole house still smells like country fried steak this morning and morning-after country fried steak smell is NOT pleasant. I prefer bread baking or apple pie or coffee. Just say no to frying.

2) I shouldn’t peruse the web for crafty gift ideas.  I get so many ideas but finding the time and energy to complete them is impossible partially because I am spending so much time looking at all the new ideas!  Time for a time-out from the web.

3) I shouldn’t promise knitting projects by a certain day.  Inevitably I will frantically be making a futile last-ditch effort to complete the project and it still won’t happen. From now on, I will not promise any project that is not already complete.

So I am off to eliminate the smell, stay away from the internet and frantically knit  “Bella’s Fingerless Mitts” #2 for my DD by tonight.


Jammin’ Out Some Jammies September 8, 2009

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So, my poor little girls are in desperate need of PJ’s and lo and behold Sew, Mama, Sew goes and starts a September Pajama Party Sew-A-Long!  Just the motivation I need to dig into my fleece and flannel and whatever other cozy stuff I can find to replenish their jammie drawers for this fall and winter! I am so excited!!

But first I have to make a tote bag for 1st full day of preschool tomorrow…


I finished the tote bag!  I used the “How to make a simple (reversible) tote bag” tutorial from the blog Skip to my Lou. It was so easy and so fast! Especially once I got the proper needle for the vinyl – without that it was not going at all. In fact, it made my machine act as if it was possessed –  making  scary noises (even hubby came in to investigate!) and creating ugly tangled messes of thread- but a quick trip to Hancock fabrics solved the problem.

I will be making more of these!!

The Princess Tote

The Princess Tote

Princess tote lining (reversible)

Princess tote lining (reversible)


Christmas in July – Secret Sweatshop Crafters July 26, 2009

So I have decided to begin my Christmas crafting now. Last year I attempted to do a Thrifty Under Fifty challenge where we attempted to make as many gifts as possible in a few weeks and for under $50 total and though I finished a few gifts (some seen below), and spent nowhere near the allotted amount,

MollySue'sThrifty Under Fifty Projects 006

MollySue'sThrifty Under Fifty Projects 003

1 of 2 aprons for girls

trying to work AND sew was a daunting challenge given that I was pregnant and sleep was a requirement for my (and my family’s) survival. So this year I am going to start early and hopefully finish more than I leave on the table. I am NOT a super crafter – I am slow and a bit to – ok – MUCH to critical – of my own work.
When I did the challenge there were women who would post (with photos!!!) about the 6 handmade dolls with wardrobes they fashioned in a day all while keeping house, nursing a baby, making adorable clothing for their children, homeschooling, feeding their family delicious home-cooked meals, baking 5 dozen cookies to give to friends in the neighborhood and gone to Michaels to get the supplies for the next days projects. I looked at their posts and thought

“Who the $#*@ are these women???? How is it possible to accomplish all of that in a day unless you have a secret sweatshop set up in your basement???”

As I peruse the web to find gift and decorating ideas I keep thinking that same thing. So many of these crafty bloggers are working, blogging, cooking, photographing, creating original crafts with detailed patterns and tutorials at a speed I cannot comprehend.
If you are reading this – I hope I can accomplish a few crafts here and there – I will be lucky to complete one doll with a wardrobe by December- and my family will probably resort to a lot of fast food while I am busy sewing. This is reality. I don’t have a sweatshop in the basement. I probably won’t blog every day. I hope some of the stuff I make turns out well and people like it.


Beginning Quilting in the Deep Water July 19, 2009

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I don’t generally start things like most people. Most people start with the basics, do an easy project to perfect their skills and move up a gradual incline of more and more difficult projects. I, on the other hand just pick something I love and start there, figuring it out as I go. One example – Most people start knitting by making a scarf or something similar in one or two basic stitches, I started with a wrap-style multi-colored fair isle sweater for my daughter.  It turned out pretty well considering I had never read a pattern.

I also HATE to do things over, since I have little time to craft.  I would much rather work a mistake into the design if at all possible, than to undo my work and start over.  When I made the sweater I knit the fair isle design backwards since I had not been schooled on the details of reading a knitting pattern, but it just made it a bit more unique.
So, with that in mind, I embark on quilting. I am going to jump into the Deep Water head first and hope I can figure it out. My mom loaned me Denyse Schmidt Quilts and I have spent far too much time surfing the internet looking at blogs, tutorials and fabrics. by the end of today I hope to have finalized my plan for my first quilt.

Stay Tuned!!!