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A Family Adventure August 10, 2010

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So I am forcing – I mean, encouraging- my family on a new and exciting path of downsizing our lives and living more simply.  My hubby does not really know this. He will be my biggest hold out. He thinks that living simply means we don’t get all the premium channels on cable. I hopefully can get him on board before long.

I do not intend to go crazy with this.  I will not get rid of the car. I will not suddenly become a vegetarian. I will not pare down my life to 100 items or some other unrealistic, crazy goal. I admire people who can do it, but I have 4 children still living at home and a husband who will all need time to adjust. I am going to try to do this in a way that a normal suburban family can live with.

I just want us to get by with less. Love what we have. Be conscious of our purchases and our spending. Appreciate our home and make it a place we love to spend time in. Spend time outside. Exercise daily. Spend less time working and more time playing, but not have the house fall apart while we are at it. Have time to do the things we think about doing, but never get around to.

Today I am going to start by getting rid of some of my own stuff and helping the kids look at their things in a new way and get rid of the things we don’t  use and love.